Undelivrnator - ColdFusion based undelivered mail spooler

Undelivrnator was written out of necessity. The mail servers we had at work were overworked (and of course underpaid). Occasionally mail would fail in it's attempt to be sent and get shunted to the undelivr folder deep within the bowels of ColdFusion.

My current development manager Aaron West spent many months manually logging in to each of our then 3 ColdFusion servers and respooling undelivered messages. Finally, he could take no more and asked me to write something automated.

Undelivrnator is based on SpoolMail by Ray Camden and automates the spooling of undelivered messages found in ColdFusion's built in Undelivr folder. Primarily configured to run as a scheduled task from within ColdFusion admin.

More information about this project can be found at RIAForge.