Thanksgiving Week Giveaways - Win a Copy of Adobe Lightroom Today, More on Tue and Wed

Last week, Jason Dean and Ray Camden both gave away software they received for speaking at Adobe MAX. I also received software from MAX that I either have duplicates of, or don't need. So I thought I'd carry on the tradition and pay back the community for all the help I've received over the years.

Since this is Thanksgiving week, I thought I'd do a holiday themed contest. I'm giving away a copy of Adobe Lightroom. Here's how it's going to work. In the comments below explain how something that YOU'VE done this year could give someone else cause for thanks. In other words, if you've volunteered at a charity, or worked on Habitat for Humanity, or donated money to your favorite local charity. As Thursday approaches, let's all keep in mind that those of us more fortunate have a multitude of opportunities to help those in need. And no, tipping the barista at your local Starbucks doesn't count as charity. :)

At 5pm CST I'll select a random comment from the meaningful comments below and email the serial number to that person so please make sure to leave a valid email address.

Finally, I'll be giving away a copy of ColdFusion Builder on Tuesday, and a copy of Flash Builder on Wednesday so make sure you check back on those days too.

Update: GREAT idea molaro! If you worked with an organization that has a website, please leave a link to it here. Let's share the love!