Sticky-Seriously simple notifications for jQuery

There's a certain sense of sadness when you see a software project abandoned. It's even more disappointing when the project is well-done, useful and simple. Last week I was looking for a growl style notification for jQuery and I happened across Sticky. I found a number of other options such as jGrowl, jPurr but they didn't resonate with me. Sticky was simple, lightweight, elegant and it had a nice design that none of the other plugins had. The disappointing thing was that the author has chosen to abandon it almost two years ago. As I worked my way through the demos I found Sticky appealing enough that I not only chose to use it in my project, but I forked the code and called it my own. I've alerted the previous owner and begun making some serious improvements to a 2 year old plugin.

I immediately reformatted the code, removed the dependency on a "close button" image by using a unicode character, added the ability to attach arbitrary classes to a note, and gave notes the option to stay open indefinitely or close after a specified number of seconds. Even after all of the improvements I essentially halved the resulting file size.

Sticky is exactly what it says: "seriously simple notifications for jQuery". Why not check out the demo, or give Sticky a try in your project today?