Something old, something new...blogging software that is

The first question is why? Why consider writing blog software when there's already a plethora out there? Why subject myself to weeks upon weeks of time spent writing code, and researching features when I could take the easy way out and just install WordPress or (shudder) just use Blogger? I suppose the simple answer is that I'm a glutton for punishment. But the deeper response is that I do feel like I have something to offer someone. After all I started off my life in web development as a designer, and I'm as comfortable in Photoshop as I am in Eclipse.

So why? Well in the ColdFusion market there's really only two competitors BlogCFC, and MangoBlog. Ray Camden's software is ubiquitous, used by advanced developer, and novice alike but boy is it rough around the edges. And it's code is, well...let's just say that it's not for the faint of heart. MangoBlog is the upstart, the beautiful princess with the long legs, but it too has issues. It offers too much in the way of features, with it's list of plugins and skins that aren't quite as easy to install as they could be.

So I decided to come up with my own solution...well, that's not precisely true. I've HAD my own solution, for some time now actually. The code which delivered this very post was written by yours truly, and it's been in constant use now for almost 5 years in various forms. It might be more accurate to say that I've decided to take the code that I've been using, completely reevaluate it, put it in a nice slick wrapper, and put it out there for anyone to use. It might be that I'm the only one who's interested...but it might also be of use to someone.'s time that I gave back to this community that has, over the last 4 or 5 years, helped me grow as a developer.

So, watch this space for more updates as I'll be blogging about the steps I take in updating my code and prepping it for public release.