shrinkURL - API wrapper for URL shortening services

Now I know what you're thinking...not ANOTHER URL shortening service! If you WERE thinking that, just keep reading another minute or so because this is better! This is a library which provides a centralized API wrapper for multiple URL shortening services. "What's that you say? I'm intrigued now." Those of you that were thinking about pancakes, or something else can also keep reading. This library is for everyone, or at least everyone who wants shorter URLs in their code.

The syntax couldn't be simpler. Connect to the CFC, call a specific service (shrinkURL even provides a handy list of services it extends), pass in your URL, and any required data such as username or apikey and you're golden. ShrinkURL spins off in a swirl of fog and fairy dust and returns in seconds with a short URL in string format.

Give it a try and see how cool shrinkURL can be.

Alternately you can download the project from RIAForge.

Update...RIAForge has approved the project and it's up and running.