Shrinkadoo 0.5, now with copy/paste (take that Apple)

I've been hard at work on several features within Shrinkadoo which have been requested by many people. Most notably is automatic copy and paste of short URLs. That feature is now included. The app also now remembers the last service you used and loads that up for you right away. That, in conjunction with automated copy and paste means that you can create a new URL in as few as 3 clicks. Also included is better messaging when performing certain actions.

Next up for Shrinkadoo? Saving login credentials so that you don't have to retype them every time. Storing created URLs in a local SQLite database for easy retrieval and reference. Various preferences settings, including the ability to change the app's colors, and more. As always please send feedback directly from within the app.

Shrinkadoo 0.5, now with built in copy and paste. Months before iPhone 3.0.