Regex - match a string that doesn't contain another string

User Greg Morphis asked a question today over on the House of Fusion mailing list.

I just ran into a problem with some old code one of team mates did. He used <cfqueryparams but did not specify a cfsqltype. We upgraded our DB from Oracle 9i to 10g and all of the sudden we're getting Error Executing Database Query errors. Logs show A nonnumeric character was found when expecting a numeric character. One of the queries had a date column and the cfqueryparam looked like "<cfqueryparam value="foo" /> no cfsqltype and according to the docs it's default is CF_SQL_CHAR. So I need to go through the 1321 <cfqueryparams and look for ones with no cf_sql_type. Is there a regex I can throw into Eclipse to help find these queries?

I tried a few things but couldn't get a good match so I asked about it on Twitter. A few minutes later Jason Dean, of 12 Robots fame, came back to me with a great answer that worked perfectly. Here's the test strings, and the regex he came up with. After that we'll dissect the regular expression

By the way...if you see any errors in this regex, or have a suggestion that's more elegant or would work better, feel free to post it.

Update: On a side note, Grant Skinner has an excellent regex tester on his website.