Publish Actionscript 3 code as a native iPhone application

This is absolutely huge. Adobe's big marketing conference MAX is going on this week. In today's opening keynote Adobe dropped a bombshell and announced that developers will be able to write Actionscript 3 based applications in Flash Professional CS5 (coming to beta at the end of the year), and compile those apps for the iPhone. They even showed a handful of apps built using this process that are already available in the app store RIGHT NOW.

Whether this capability will be available for Flash Builder (Flex 4) is unknown at this time, but I think you'll agree that this is a HUGE move for Adobe. Join with me in congratulating Adobe.

Update Adobe has also created a forum where questions can be asked about this new technology, and hopefully answers can be gotten.

Update v2 Adobe has made all of the sessions from MAX 2009 available online for free at AdobeTV. One of the sessions relates specifically to Building Applications for the iPhone with Flash Pro CS5. It's a little wordy, but the speaker actually shows a little code, and more importantly some of the inteface options for publishing an app as iPhone. Do yourself a favor and go check it out.