Presenting to the NYCFUG on June 8th. jQuery, ColdFusion, AIR, Phonegap, and mobile devices.

I've just confirmed that I'll be presenting in person to NYCFUG, the New York ColdFusion User Group on June 8th. That in and of itself is exciting as it has some top notch members. Even better than that is that I'll be presenting IN PERSON! That's right...I'm coming all the way from Nashville, TN to the big city to talk about one of my favorite topics in programming these days...Adobe AIR.

The subject of my presentation, as the title says, will be a mashup of all these technologies. I haven't got the specifics nailed down just yet, but the goal is to write a single codebase; then deploy that code to the web, to the desktop, and to mobile devices, all without altering a single line of code. The iPhone, iPad, and Android devices are all super hot properties right now, and there's no reason why web developers can't leverage, and monetize, existing code.

If you're in NYC and are interested in developing for the desktop and mobile devices then you should really come and check out this presentation.