Presenting to the Nashville CFUG. jQuery and AIR development

I just confirmed with JJ Merrick, the co-CFUG group leader, that I'll be presenting my cf.Objective() session for the Nashville CFUG on April 30th. The session is titled "jQuery & AIR: Desktop Design for the Front End Developer". Here's an outline of what I'll be covering:

This session will help developers who have skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript leverage those abilities to build robust desktop applications using the jQuery JavaScript library and the Adobe AIR framework. The session will provide an overview of both the AIR framework, and the jQuery framework and why one might choose this deployment type over the more popular Flex/Flash method. We'll review some of the more common tools used to develop AIR apps and their pros and cons. Then we'll dive straight into a look at jQuery. We'll cover several of the key areas of jQuery; selectors, events, effects, and manipulation; along with some examples of how, and when to use them. Next up is a coverage of the various ways that the AIR framework allows you to interact with data including SQLite databases, reading and writing to the file system (including encryption options), accessing remote data, and more. Finally we'll review the steps needed to package your AIR app including building in version control, certificates, and lastly how to deploy your application.

That Nashville CFUG always records presentations via Adobe Connect for posterity. If you can't make it in person, or live online, you'll be able to watch at your leisure later on. Hope to see some, or all, of you come out.

Also remember that cf.Objective() is right around the corner, and tickets are still available.