PastebinCFC 0.1 now available

A month or two ago I noticed that Pastebin, a service that I use all the time to help others debug code, had a public API which allowed developers to push snippets of code to their system. I wrote it down on a list of projects that I wanted to work on, then forgot it. On Saturday night I had an hour to spare so I reviewed my on deck list and saw the Pastebin project. I headed over to their API to review the docs and it turned out that it was a really simple project. So I started working on it and a few short hours later I had a working copy of pastebinCFC; now available for download from RIAForge.

Wait, if it was so simple, then why did it take me so long? All my other projects have been written with backwards compatibility in mind, namely written so that users on CF8 and below could also use the project. With this one though I decided that I wanted to write my first script based CFC. I plan to write another quick blog post about that experience, so look for that soon.