New open source project, foursquareCFC - ColdFusion wrapper for the Foursquare social networking API

Of course you've heard of Foursquare, you're on Twitter right? I'm on Twitter and I've certainly heard of Foursquare. But up until a few weeks ago I didn't really "get" Foursquare. Then I had lunch with a friend of mine and he explained the whole deal, but more importantly he communicated some of the potential for the mass quantities of data that Foursquare users freely share and my eyes were opened. He also mentioned that Foursquare had an API and I was sold. I joined Foursquare, started reviewing their documentation, and decided to write some code. You might already know that I enjoy writing ColdFusion wrappers for external APIs and empowering developers to write rich applications.

So without any more hemming and hawing I present to you foursquareCFC. Currently it's a one for one with the Foursquare API and has been thoroughly tested. I'd love for you to start using it in your app today! What are you waiting for? Go play with it right now, the first checkin's on me!

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