Nashville developers unite! Shape of a CoderFaire tech conference!

I've long been a proponent of the Nashville tech scene. There are so many talented people working in and around Music City, toiling in obscurity. But obscurity be damned. It's time for the country, perhaps the world, to know about. The first step to tech scene stardom kicks off August 25 in the form of Nashville's first annual CoderFaire.

CodeFaire will be a 2 day event focused on building and showcasing the Nashville tech scene. Day one features presenters from all facets of technology in three tracks. Talks on SASS vs LESS, Erlang, Redis, the command line, and of course jQuery Mobile (featuring yours truly). Day two encourages attendees to take what they learned the day before and work together hackathon style to build awesomeness.

If you're in Nashville then it's a given that you have to come to CoderFaire. If you're anywhere in a 4 hour radius then you should drive to CoderFaire. If you're outside that 4 hour radius then just hop on a plane and FLY TO NASHVILLE! Don't miss this chance to be in on the ground floor of something big. Help make a change in your city. Come to CoderFaire!