Mikogo: New screensharing app for the PC and Mac

I've been playing phone and email tag with a client for about 2 weeks now. I finished up a website for him recently and he wanted a little training on how to maintain his site, add files, that sort of thing. The ideal situation would have been to meet at a local coffee shop or something, but we're both busy guys with families. So I suggested the idea of screen sharing. Adobe offers Acrobat Connect, there's GoToMeeting, and loads more. But he's on a Mac and I'm on a PC which made it more difficult. I started looking around online and finally found one that looked promising...Mikogo.

The look of it is very playful and fun, but under the hood is some serious power. It offers screen sharing, the ability to switch presenters, pause, stop, and even record presentations, file transfers, meeting scheduling, whiteboard, and loads more. Best of all? It's cross platform, and FREE. Sign up is a breeze with only a few required fields. Set up is even easier...double click the downloadable and you're ready to start a meeting. Enter your login credentials and you're provided with a meeting ID. Mikogo even gives you handy buttons with which to email or IM meeting information to the person(s) of your choice.

I got on the phone with my client, and started a meeting. I read him the meeting ID and all of a sudden saw a growl style popup in the bottom right corner with an indication that he was in. All of a sudden he starts talking about how much he loves my desktop. We stayed on the phone and in the meeting for about an hour...the only issue was when I tried to send him a file via the app and it didn't work. Could be the Mac/PC difference? Email works just as well.

All in all I'd say that this is a solid product and I give major thumbs up to Mikogo for their efforts, and for helping me stay at home with my family, rather than meet a client and be out all night. High five guys!