Locks of Love: or how I learned to let go

I've never been a fan of myself with short hair. Well, there was that unfortunate period during high school where I thought a "spike" was the height of hair couture but we shall never speak of that time period again. So where was I? That's right...I've always preferred myself with longer hair. Add to that my fondness for tattoos, and the two ear piercings I have and you wonder why my wife, a good Nazarene girl ever married me.

Again I digress...back in the 90s I was going for a hair was down to my chest and I had no intention of cutting it, but then I got bored with having long hair. It was a pain to maintain, and if I was always going to put it into a ponytail then what was the point? So in 1995 I cut it; but ever since then I've toyed with growing it out again. I'd get to the awful middle hair stage and give it. Middle hair stage? What's that you say? That's simply the phase where your hair is "too long to be considered short, but too short to put in a ponytail".

Finally, about 2 years ago I decided to go for it again. Even though my wife was against it, even though society says men should have short hair, even though I find it hard to decide which flavor to start with first on Neapolitan ice cream...I went for it. And it grew, and grew, and grew. I wore it in ponytails, under hats, in a bun, and down...until today.

In one of her dastardly ploys my wife suggested that I could donate my hair to Locks of Love. She told our 3 year old daughter that "daddy was going to give his hair to some little child who didn't have any." Turning to examine our 3 month old son, who is almost completely hairless, Noelle replied "you mean like Evan?" How low can you stoop woman? Using children with cancer to tug at my hair bands heartstrings? Well, it worked, I am again a man...but mostly because I was again getting bored with it. Hopefully my son will be proud of me, and hopefully some child with a terminal illness will find solace in the hair that I have provided to them. God bless you little child.