Just submitted my PlayBook application to Blackberry for approval

You might have noticed that it's been quiet around here for a few weeks. You might remember that Blackberry is giving away PlayBook tablets to any developer who creates an application and gets it approved in Blackberry's App World? Well I've been working hard on my PlayBook application and I finally got it submitted for approval. That means that according to everyone I've talked to I qualify for the free PlayBook.

It was a difficult process, and one that I almost didn't finish. Difficulties with Flash Builder Burrito, the PlayBook SDK, the export process, and a programmer's general laziness all conspired to keep me from completing the task, but thanks to the help of a few friends and my trusted companion, "the internet", I prevailed.

Thanks in no specific order: Ben Stucki, Sim Bateman, T. Scot Clausing, Doug Reynolds, Joseph Labrecque, and Tony Lukasavage.