jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials available now!

After many months of hard work and late nights I'm proud to announce that jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials is now available for purchase. Raymond Camden spent a lot of time and effort making this the definitive jQuery Mobile book for developers. This book includes chapters on every major feature of jQuery Mobile and has been tested with the current version, 1.1. There's also a Github repository that you can fork, clone, spoon, knife (whatever you like really) which should make things easier to get started.

jQuery Mobile is a great library which really makes it easy for developers to get a mobile compatible site up and running quickly. It's going to have a long life and a strong community for years to come. If you haven't taken a chance to look at it yet, buy the book and get's never too late. After you've sunk your teeth into the basics, check out some of the awesome jQuery Mobile projects listed below that I've created to help you take your projects to the next level.