jQuery Mobile 1.0.1 Released, Big Changes Coming Soon

For those of you that don't follow tech obsessively like I do I wanted to let you know that jQuery Mobile 1.0.1 released yesterday. Of course it's just a maintenance release but it includes a big announcement that jQuery Mobile now supports the Samsung Bada platform along with the Dolphin mobile browser. That's not a big deal here in the US, but it's big in Korea (where all the best electronic toys come from). This release also includes an impressive list almost 30 bug fixes. This continues to push jQuery Mobile's status as the preferred platform for developing mobile websites.

On the horizon are some big things for jQuery Mobile: improvements that will make a large impact in developer processes. AMD support (Asynchronous Module Definition) which is a more efficient and better way to write code, true fixed toolbars (these look fantastic) which will allow jQuery Mobile based apps to look more like native apps than ever before, improved smoother page transitions, inline modal widgets (can't wait for this), and more. The jQuery Mobile team is trying to commit to a 3 month release schedule which means that we'll be seeing the first of these new features by Spring time.