I've been accepted to speak at BFlex-BFusion!

Wow...I'm humbled...I just found out this week that I've been accepted to speak at BFlex this year October 24th and 25th. If you haven't heard of this conference, then shame on you. It's an intense two day weekend in America's heartland, Indiana University. The first day, a Saturday, features multiple tracks of tasty ColdFusion goodness covering beginning through advanced topics. The second day is much the same approach, but for Flex instead.

If you've spent more than a few minutes on my blog then you probably already know how I feel about Adobe AIR. To date, all my presentations and articles have focused on using jQuery / JavaScript to develop AIR apps. The presentation I'll be giving this year at BFlex will be a practical example of using Flex to develop an AIR application which would allow users to manage photos on their desktop. It's a 90 minute, hands-on session during which attendees will learn the basics of AIR and it's abilities, as well as writing the code that completes the application.

Here's the official session description:

During this 90 minute session we'll be completing the code needed to create a basic drag and drop image manager in AIR, using Flex. Topics covered will be AIR drag and drop, file system interaction, SQLite (database) interaction, saving data as Excel directly from the AIR application, and more. The finished project will have some of the following capabilities: Choose to view the images already stored in list view, or thumbnail view. Drag any image into the app and store it, add meta data about the image (filename, height, width) to a SQLite database. Add title and description about the image to SQLite. Save the data as Excel directly from the application.

Sure hope you can make it!