It's official! I'm speaking at CFUnited 2009!

I'm stoked! It's finally official...I'll be speaking at the CFUnited 2009, the premier ColdFusion conference in the world. My session topic will be Design to Deployment: Create a jQuery/AIR/ColdFusion powered BlogCFC Monitor in 1 hour. The title says it all. I'm going to be designing, developing, and deploying a Blog CFC monitor in the 50 or so minutes I have available to me. If you're attending CFUnited and learning about developing HTML/JavaScript based AIR applications, come check out my session. I guarantee you'll learn a lot, and it certainly won't be boring.

I'd like to thank Adam Lehman for his gracious invitation to fill one of Adobe's CFUnited slots, and Liz Frederick for getting things organized so quickly for my session, and my attendance. Thanks a lot you two. I can't wait to be there at the conference!