Introducing tumblrCFC - allows ColdFusion developers to access the Tumblr blogging API

I recently decided to start a Tumblr blog, There were a good amount of things that I wanted to talk about, or post pictures of, but I didn't want to put them here. I'd like to keep this blog more on target technically speaking. So I took the plunge and signed up for a Tumblr account. The process couldn't have been easier and their software, while stripped down, does almost everything a blogger could want. And more importantly, they have a public API that us ColdFusion developers can tap into. So without any further ado, I'd like to introduce tumblrCFC. You can also access information about the project at

At the moment, it only has a read method the following methods: currentVersion, lastUpdated, readBlog, readDashboard, readLikes, likePost, and unlikePost, but I'll be adding to this project over the next few days and weeks to flesh it out. I'd love to hear your feedback, and suggestions for improvements. Hope you like the project and I strongly suggest you check out Tumblr.