I'm speaking at cf.Objective()!!

I just found out last night that I'll be speaking at cf.Objective() this year. The title of my presentation will be "jQuery & AIR - Desktop Development for the Front End Designer"! I know, I know...I'm super excited too. I've spoken at ColdFusion User Group meetings before, I've led Lunch-n-Learns at my company, but this will be the first time I've spoken at a respected conference and I'm totally stoked. In addition to speaking this year, this will be my first chance to experience the conference as well as Minneapolis itself. This year looks like it will be amazing. The list of speakers is a who's who of ColdFusion developers. I just wanted to publicly thank Nic Tunney and the cf.Objective() board for approving my presentation. I promise it'll be great!

Update If any other speakers would like to use this graphic for their website, feel free. I designed it myself since the speaker graphics aren't done yet on the conference website. I'm also happy to whip up a few other sizes / shapes if you're interested.