Help me become an Adobe Community Professional

I've been a designer and developer for a long time. But until 4 or 5 years ago I only consumed help from others, never offered. And up until 2 years ago I only read blogs, or commented on them, never wrote them. The older (wiser?) that I get, the more I realize that everyone has something to offer others. In my case, it's the unique skills and abilities that I've fostered over the past 12 years.

Two years ago I made a decision that I would start actively giving back to the community that had contributed to much to my growth and skillset. I set four personal and professional goals for myself.

I've clearly begun blogging, and while this site isn't the most highly trafficed tech blog on the internet, I have solid content, I write about things that interest me, and I've helped others further their skills. I have numerous ColdFusion, jQuery, and AIR projects that I have released. I've been fortunate enough to have almost 10 conference speaking engagements under my belt in the past two years, along with several User Group engagements. The only thing I haven't accomplished yet is to become a Community Professional.

So if you're an existing Community Professional, Adobe Evangelist, or Adobe Team Member, please consider nominating me for an AIR, ColdFusion, or RIA (does this exist) position. I won't let you down!