Gonna be a busy two weeks. CFinNC is Oct 17-18, BFlex-BFusion is Oct 24-25

The next 2 weekends are going to be super busy here in Nashville. Or maybe I should say busy for me in general as I'll be going out of town for both of them.

This coming weekend, October 17 - 18 will be spent in North Carolina at CFinNC. A brand spanking new conference on the NC State University campus in Raleigh. It will feature speakers from all over the country, including myself, Josh Adams, Charlie Arehart, Mike Brunt, Sean Corfield, Brian Kotek, Todd Sharp, and more. Topics include ColdFusion 9, Flex, jQuery/AIR, CFBuilder, ANT, and many others. This is a free event which means it's almost sure to sell out. Registration is still open, but going quickly. Make sure you get in while you still can, and I'll see you there.

The very next weekend is BFlex / BFusion. This one's been around for a few years and has the sessions to prove it. Every session is at least 90 minutes of deep dive, hands-on, ColdFusion and Flex goodness, with one track on Saturday, and one on Sunday covering an entire day. With names like Doug Hughes, Matt Woodward, John Farrar, Simon Free, Zach Stepek, Rich Tretola, Ben Stucki, T Scot Clausing, and myself you do NOT want to miss this training packed weekend in America's heartland...Indiana University.