D2WC, the designer developer workflow conference is fast approaching: June 19-20 in Kansas City.

Are you a designer wanting to learn some programming basics , but think "those programming conferences are over my head"? Are you a developer wanting to pick up some Photoshop skillz and don't know where to begin? Then have we got a show for you...wait; I mean have we got a conference for you! If either of those descriptions fit you then D2WC (or the Designer/Developer Workflow Conference) June 19-20 in Kansas City is THE conference for you. It's intended goal is to bridge the gap between designers and developers and help both sides improve their workflow by learning valuable concepts and tips from people on the OTHER side.

The sessions cover a wide range of topics from conceptual to practical, and offers something for both designers and developers. The list of speakers is a who's who of the web and print worlds including well known authors, developers, programmers, designers, and even yours truly. I'll be leading a session on hybrid workflow which will actually cover both design AND development using Fireworks, ColdFusion Builder, and Adobe AIR to develop web, desktop, and mobile applications from the same codebase.

Tickets are still available and very reasonably priced at $225 for this two day event.