D2WC, The Aftermath

It's been a week now since I flew to Kansas City for the Designer / Developer Workflow Conference put on by Dee Sadler and the KC Crew. The event was excellent, better even than I could have expected. The speakers were awesome, with an excellent blend of designers and developers; the food was fantastic, with probably the best BBQ I've ever had (and purple potato salad for God's sake!); and the camaraderie was to die for. All the attendees really wanted to be there and learn (both speakers and non-speakers).

My Design to Deployment: Build a Blog Monitor with jQuery & AIR session was well attended, and well received. Thanks to all of you who came out to watch me type code live, here's hoping you'll take what you learned and build your own applications.

I met lots of great people; I ate lots of great food; and I learned a lot about the flip side of the workflow process. Thanks to KC for putting this event on and congratulations on making it a success. Here's to next year!