Closing Eclipse perspective buttons for deleted plugins

eclipse perspective buttons I use Eclipse as my development environment for ColdFusion, as well as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Flex. Recently I was having problems with the Flex plugin, so I deleted that plugin and decided to start over. After deleting it, I noticed that the buttons to switch over to Flex perspectives (normal and debugging) were still there.

close all perspectives When I tried to remove them by right clicking on each button, and selecting "close", nothing happened. After posting on Twitter and getting no responses that resolved the problem, I started to Google for it. I finally found a perfect solution. Rather than trying to close an uncloseable perspective individually, I simply closed all of them. Select Window > Close All Perspectives.

Big thanks to Eric Tamminga over at Stack Overflow for posting the answer that did the trick. Also, thanks to Dan Vega for offering suggestions via Twitter.