Canvas support in Adobe AIR - yes Martha it really works!

The Canvas element is the new hotness these days in JavaScript development, but support for it is limited to only the most modern versions of our perennial favorites. Adobe AIR however uses the Webkit engine which loves the Canvas tag. Did you know that you can simulate a 3d maze in an AIR application? It's true!

While talking to Ray Camden today we got onto the topic of Canvas support in Adobe AIR. Both of us were pretty sure it wouldn't work, but after a few simple tests, we determined that not only did it work, but it was very easy to implement. To make it very easy, we found a great maze demo over at the Mozilla website. Taking that code in whole, Ray wrapped it up into an AIR installer and lo and behold it works! Download the Maze Demo AIR app now. Look for more Canvas & AIR blog posts soon.