Build custom icon fonts with Builder for jQuery Mobile Icon Pack

Back in February of last year I launched what would be one of my most popular open source projects, jQuery Mobile Icon Pack. The Icon Pack added dozens of new icons to the somewhat lacklustre offering included in the default jQuery Mobile download. Since then I've added to the project: first a few at a time, then bumping the count to over 200 with the inclusion of Font Awesome, an icon font library used by Twitter Bootstrap. Just last night I released jQuery Mobile Icon Pack 3.0 which adds another 40 icons.

Today I'm happy to announce that I'm releasing a companion application called Builder for jQuery Mobile Icon Pack. While there are many positives about icon fonts such as scalability and crisp lines, one of the drawbacks is the file size. Few projects require every icon, but users pay the download price whether your app uses just 1 icon or 100. Builder for jQuery Mobile Icon Pack allows you to tailor the icon font to include just the icons you need. Not only does this decrease file size, it makes the resulting CSS easier to manage.

Using Builder is a simple 3 step process.

Try Builder for jQuery Mobile Icon Pack and start streamlining your icon fonts today!