Awesome clients are awesome: I'm looking at you

Every one of us has a horror story about "that" client who didn't pay on time, or was a nightmare to deal with, or nitpicked every little change. But how many of us take the time to mention those clients who are a dream to work with...who are in fact the complete opposite of the nightmare client. This post is about a dream client:

The owner of Fastbook, Eric Hadden, emailed me out of the blue in November of 2011. I was a little skeptical when he pitched me his idea, but when he went on to show me a jQuery Mobile site that was already functional I relaxed a bit. He sounded genuine, like he actually wanted someone to work with him. The site allows business owners like restaurants, health clubs, massage therapists, etc. to list available time slots. Customers can then come onto the site looking for those slots. The customer can then connect with the business by claiming that slot.

Originally Eric just wanted an updated design but after bringing up other issues with the site he asked for more input and advice. After listing off a few suggestions he told me to run with them. Dozens of hours and emails, several mini-projects, and a complete reskin later Eric has a site that he's really happy with. He's consistently paid on time, he's always been considerate and responsive in his communications, and he "gets" the relationship between developer and client. Here's the icing on the cake: I made a mistake that prevented one of the forms on his site from working. After fixing it, at no charge to him, he was so appreciative that he bought something off my Amazon Wish List...for a mistake that I made!

I won't belabor the point but Eric Hadden with is a dream to work with and I've been blessed and fortunate to have him as my client. If you, or someone you know, is looking for a service of that type please consider giving him your won't regret it.