Another presentation in the bag: Exploring the AIR API slidedeck and code now available

Tonight's presentation to the Nashville Flash Platform User Group was Exploring the AIR API: For Flex Developers, and it went quite well. In attendance were some of Nashville's finest, including Matthew Wallace, Scott Gordon, Boaz Reynolds, Dan Skaggs, and more. All total there were about 12 or 13 people there to see me completely wing my way through coverage of the AIR API for Flex developers. I was eloquent, and poetic, and went for 30 minutes longer than I had planned. But all in all, I think people enjoyed the session and, I hope, walked away with a desire to write desktop apps using the AIR framework.

If you were at tonight's session, thanks for coming out. I really enjoyed myself, and I hope you did too. Without further ado, download the ZIP file containing my slidedeck, and all of the Flex Builder projects I showed off this evening. If you couldn't make it tonight, we missed you...there's always next time right? If you'd just like to watch the recorded version of the presentation, then you can watch it via Acrobat Connect.