Adobe Connect Recording - HTML / jQuery AIR App Dev with SQLite

Last week Jason Dean had a great idea. Todd Rafferty had been asking him about developing AIR applications using HTML / JS (along with jQuery). Jason decided to create an Adobe Connect session and work alongside with Todd to show him the ropes. Since Jason and I have talked about AIR and jQuery quite a bit, he also invited me. Finally we ALL know how enamored Ben Nadel is with jQuery so he was invited too.

So last night, the four of us gathered around our respective computers and took part in a virtual classroom of sorts. Each of us had a mic, and each of us contributed to the learning experience. It turned out well enough that we'd like to share with you. If you're interested in learning about AIR development in general, and specifically with HTML / JS (or jQuery), then you need to watch this presentation. It's long, about 3 hours, but the bulk of the learning comes in the first 2 hours. Watch. Listen. Learn. Ask questions of Ben, or Jason, or Todd, or myself. Enjoy.