Adding the AIR 2.0 SDK to ColdFusion Builder

This morning on Twitter, tweets were flurrying around on how to use AIR 2.0 from within ColdFusion Builder. I walked several people through the process but thought I'd blog about it so that more people take advantage of the knowledge. The steps that follow assume that you have ColdFusion Builder. They may be similar for Aptana or CFEclipse, but your mileage may vary.

  1. Download the AIR SDK
  2. Unzip it into the final resting place of your choice.
  3. Open ColdFusion Builder, then select Window > Preferences.
  4. Type "AIR SDK" into the search box at the top left, then click the text "AIR SDK" in the list under the search box.
  5. From the buttons at the right, click Add.
  6. Browse to the location of your SDK in the "Adobe AIR SDK Directory" input box.
  7. Input a name for this SDK. A good choice would simply be the version number (AIR20_win_sdk_040910) or something similar.
  8. Hit OK, then check the box next to the newly added SDK to mark it as the primary.
  9. Restart ColdFusion Builder and you should be good to go.

Sadly, adding the AIR 2 SDK and marking it as primary is not the final step. Upon creation of a new AIR project, you'll beed to open the application.xml file found in the project's root, and change the xml namespace from AIR 1.5 (the default), to 2.0.

	<application xmlns="">