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2011 was a good year, I thought I'd take some time to wrap up loose ends and post some stats. This was definitely the year for jQuery Mobile. The post I wrote on creating and using custom icons for jQuery Mobile back in February has had almost 28,000 views. Another post on adding a swipe to delete to listviews has had over 16,000 hits. Finally, Ray Camden and I are co-authoring a book on jQuery Mobile which will be published by Packt in the first half of 2012. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you continue to enjoy my content.

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Blog posts by date/visitors
January 02Resolving gaps and spaces in table cells when using the HTML 5 doctype2,383
January 15shrinkURL 0.6.0 now available. Includes support for Goo.gl short URLs2,062
January 17-- --- .-. ... . -.-. --- -.. . - .-- .. - .... .- .. .-. .- -. -.. .--- .- ...- .- ... -.-. .-. .. .--. -1,916
January 21Great iPhone, and Android Apps for Kids2,717
January 27I've been selected by Adobe as a 2011 Community Professional1,623
January 31PastebinCFC 0.1 now available1,615
February 01ColdFusion 9 and pure CFScript CFCs5,093
February 08Introduction to jQuery Mobile9,541
February 13Creating and using custom icons in jQuery Mobile27,034
February 18Adding iPhone style swipe to delete button to a listview component in jQuery Mobile16,209
February 23Add a Twitter for iPhone Style Swipe Menu to jQuery Mobile9,122
February 28Couch to 5k - Week One2,226
March 29Just submitted my PlayBook application to Blackberry for approval1,708
April 07My PlayBook application got approved! Let me introduce you to Gallery 1.01,848
April 12Help Goba hire developers! Make some money! iOS dev, Server Side dev, and SysAdmin positions available1,462
April 20Thoughts on the next version of foursquareCFC, please comment!1,368
April 27Two chances to catch my jQuery Mobile presentation; CFMeetup and cfObjective1,867
June 05KloutCFC - A ColdFusion wrapper for the Klout social media influence API2,597
July 06Andy needs new books! Help him out!1,110
July 08Learn jQuery Mobile, the easy way!1,999
August 10foursquareCFC v2 now available! Rewritten from scratch!1,289
August 15Your top five books, here are mine1,264
August 22InstagramCFC - a ColdFusion wrapper for the Instagram API1,324
September 19Developing responsive websites with the Skeleton media query framework2,336
October 13Upgrading to iOS 5: The Ordeal1,180
October 19Learn jQuery Mobile online course, starts in one week!1,512
October 30RIAUnleashed 2011 wrapup1,110
November 01ThemeRoller! Styling jQuery Mobile apps has never been this easy2,312
November 14Capturing the expand and collapse event on a jQuery Mobile collapsible set1,668
November 17jQuery Mobile turns 1.0 today!797
November 25Scripting Photoshop with JavaScript and ExtendScript1,130
December 14Refreshing jQuery Mobile listviews, buttons, select dropdowns, and input fields1,051
December 19openExchangeRateCFC! Never worry about exchange rates again469
December 20openExchangeRateCFC now has a convert method. Find out how much you make in GBP.367

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