CFUnited 2009 is almost upon us!

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The time has come. Developers all over the world begin their preparations for travel to our nation's capitol for a veritable summit of ColdFusion, and web related topics. Men and women will arrive in Washington D.C. by plane, by bus, by car, and will converge on the Landsowne Resort for 4 days of intense learning, networking, and fun at CFUnited 2009.

I'll be there, will you? In fact, I'll be speaking at CFUnited this year. My topic? Why jQuery & AIR of course. Specifically i'll be building a BlogCFC monitor on stage. Will my session rock? I'll do everything that I can to make that a fact. Even if you don't attend my session, make sure to attend the other amazing sessions put on my fantastic speakers that you don't want to miss.

I'll see you there!

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