Shrinkadoo updated to version 0.4.5

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Shrinkadoo, my jQuery / ColdFusion powered URL shortening AIR application, has been updated to version 0.4.5 to resolve two bugs:

  • Check for Updates appearing at app start up, even if updates were not available.
  • Issue with URLs created by TinyURL and not resolving to their correct pages.

A partial list of features planned for future releases are as follows

  • SQLite integration: storing previously created URLs locally. This will allow the user to view their "history" and retrieve previous URLs.
  • Built in "copy to clipboard" functionality on short URL creation
  • Preferences allowing users to change app colors, save service login information, and more

As always, Shrinkadoo can be downloaded from it's project page.

Huge thanks to Dragos, Robert, and Raul from the AIR product team for their help. Also, thanks to Rey Bango for getting me in touch with the AIR team. Thank you all.

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