Calling a page via a link with a target attribute

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Today over at House of Fusion Claude Schneegans asked:

Suppose I have a page like myPage.cfm. Is it possible in this page to detect if it was called from a link having a TARGET="..." attribute?

I decided to throw something together to determine if this was indeed possible. Turns out it is, and here's how I accomplished it. I first whipped up a plain HTML page with two links on it, like so:

<a href="child.html" target="_blank">Open child.html with target="_blank"</a>
<br /><br />
<a href="child.html">Open child.html as normal window</a>

I then wrote a companion page which used JavaScript to try and determine the "parent"

var opener = (parent.opener) ? parent.opener.location.href : 'an unknown window';

Finally, I used jQuery to write the result of the test to a span tag on the child page. Admittedly this has limited use, but it's a nice means of determining if a target attribute was used to open the window, which essentially gives you access to the parent page with JavaScript if that page is still open.

View the demo.

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