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Upcoming features:

  • History - view URLs you've shrunk before
  • Preferences - change colors, decide whether to save login info
  • Keyboard shortcuts - instantly transfer a URL from your clipboard into Shrinkadoo
Known Issues:
  • Check for updates currently displays everytime on startup

Are you a Twitter power user? Tired of copying pasting those LOOOONG URLs into emails only to see them break? Then Shrinkadoo is for you! Built with Adobe® AIR™ technology, Shrinkadoo accesses the services of many of the internet's most popular URL shortening services allowing you to build a short URL quickly and easily.

Currently supported services are: Adjix, BitLy, BudURL, ChilpIt, Cligs, Digg,,, Hexio, Idek, IsGD,, MooURL, PntMe, Snurl, TinyURL, Trakz, Twurl

Current version: 0.6

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